Samsung Galaxy X: A Smartphone With Foldable Screen Arriving Early Next Year

Expected by the entire tech world, Samsung’s foldable screen smartphone is expected to arrive in 2019. Its codename “Winner” shows the ambition of the South Korean manufacturer for this device of a new kind. A source from Samsung shared some details about the new smartphone with Wall Street Journal.

The “Galaxy X” should arrive early 2019 – may be just in time for the Mobile World Congress, which is to be held from 25 to 28 February 2019. But for such a smartphone – which is rumoured to be in development for almost a decade – Samsung may prefer a dedicated event that focuses all media attention, as is the case for example for the Galaxy Note 9 which will be unveiled on August 9th.

Another confirmation from Samsung is related to the screen size. Galaxy X would will have 7 inches foldable screen. However, we do not know yet what form factor it will use – the foldable flip seems to be the most logical for now.

A few months ago, DJ Koh, head of the mobile division at Samsung, stated before the media that this coming model “won’t be just a new gadget but the intention is to bring a better user experience.” We sincerely hope this is really the case.